Gaming Bar, Leicester – the Speekeasy

Gaming Bar, Leicester – the Speekeasy

The Speekeasy is a retro futuristic cafe-bar in Leicester city designed with gamers in mind.

You will find us hidden away above La Vida restaurant. Inside you can relax in a truly unique art deco influenced environment, sample some of our themed cocktails and enjoy free to play console gaming and wifi access.

On account of my love of drinking mysterious coloured liquids, Bioshock, and gaming in general, I decided to go check out the Speekeasy with some unnamed people who aren’t pictured in case they get cross at me for using their images without permission.

They played what I’d mostly consider 40′s music, which isn’t saying much as I’m not really a music historian or anything.

Also, these are all camera photos. Sue me.

The menus were in a 360 case and pretty awesome.

Some drinks. Think this one is a Plasmid:

Mixed up:

Sadly this plasmid hasn’t manifested any obvious effects in me as of yet, but I did wake up with a staple in my hand, so maybe I’m magnetic.

I think the brown one is a Beautiful Katamari, but I forget.

Bioshock concept art


Xbawks, street fighter.

(Yes, I completely and utterly forgot to get pictures of any decor.)

Lets go again. Drinking and gaming is pretty good. To be honest it reminds me of being at home.

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