Facebook creepiest privacy problem yet – GPS tracking

Right. First off, for those who can’t be arsed to read the whole thing.



http://www.wikihow.com/Save-Battery-Power-on-an-Android (step 8)

Basically, when you’re using the Facebook app itself, and have GPS/Location Settings enabled… well, guess what. Every fucker you talk to can see exactly where you are.

Oh…. and if you’ve ever had it enabled, the information is still tied to those messages. Someone just needs to go back and check and can easily get your address.

It’s more than a little bit creepy.


I’ve removed all personal information and road names from these images.

See that line that says “Sent from …..”? When you click it, you get this.

Half a map.

Click on the map and you’ll get a high detail overhead of the exact (more or less) location where the person you’re talking to is.

Yup, you can pin point exact houses on some.

So… how do you know its definitely turned off?

It just says “Sent from messenger”. Thats the official FB app, but with GPS disabled. Link isn’t clickable.

You might think this isn’t that bad, but.. do you trust everyone on your facebook perfectly? I’m not talking about stalking, I’m meaning, when you’re in Nottingham, you trust they’re not breaking into your house in Leicester…?

Stalking is actually a real concern though. I watched my friend walk down Welford Road to Firebug and sit in the beer garden having a pint, all through Facebook… purely for research.

Apparently this is a McDonalds?

Apparently this is a McDonalds?

The beer garden/smoking area at Firebug.

Being able to remotely follow someone through Facebook, while making you feel sort of like a spy, is actually just really, really fucking creepy. For your safety, and the safety of others, disable GPS and share this post everywhere you can.

Only Facebook could actually see this as a feature, rather than a serious security issue… :/

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