Ever wondered what three upvotes on /r/wtf looks like?

A few days ago I submitted a link from one of my current projects (NSFW) to Reddit.

Not, as you might think, as a pathetic attempt to gain traffic, as I didn’t intend to ship to the USA at that point, but because it is actually pretty WTF.

The thread can be found here: http://www.reddit.com

As of 18/07/2012 it has 3 up votes 1 down vote – one of the upvotes is the auto vote your account makes. I must point out the link is NSFW at this point :)

Not exactly my best submitted link in history, I’ve had a few thousand votes before.

Today though, I noticed the analytics stats.

This site is new and hasn’t been subjected to any real SEO or submissions of any kind, short of being plugged on Facebook a bit.

Overview of the day.

Languages used.

Length of time on page.

Browser used.

OS used.

Referring sites. Just to show lack of traffic from other sources, although there are a few from FB.

Entry page – pages users landed on first.

Unfortunately I wasn’t running a bandwidth monitor, maybe next time. Interesting to see that in nearly a thousand people there were only three votes.

Not a whole lot of point to this post, I know. I found it interesting to look at the stats though, and thought other /technology/ or /webdev/ users might like a look to see what to expect if they submit their sites.

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