Edition #1 of What the hell is this crap?!

If you want one, let me know – john@jdbcomputing.co.uk – I’ll figure out postage costs.


I found one of these when I was about 5. A single one. I’ve still got it somewhere, because, you know, I was really into archaeology and stuff. Anyway.

A few years back, so.. about fifteen years after the original, I found a bag under my bed after a particularly drunken night. The bag was full of them.

I’ve got about fifty left. Occasionally I leave them in peoples houses to freak them out.

I still have no idea what they are. I want to know.

Time for science. In the following images I burnt one and smashed one, to get a better look at the inside and to prove once and for all that they aren’t incense cones.

They could be any of the following:
- Terribly designed spinning tops
- Terribly designed bottle stoppers
- Terribly designed, small buttplugs.
- Witch houses

The bag:

Size compared with a lighter.

Colour difference is nothing important, I’m pretty sure I was colouring that one red.


Tried to burn one, butane lighter, for about ten seconds. Smelled a bit like urine.


Aftermath. Slightly warm to the touch. Damage is mostly ash.

Smashy. Crowbar to the top caused indent and cracking.

Crowbar to the base did the same.

Few more blows and it was only missing a few chips.

Kind of seems like some sort of massively compressed powder.

Sledgehammered it to save time.

I couldn’t really hit it any more, bits were going everywhere and safety is important.

What the hell are these things?!

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One Response to Edition #1 of What the hell is this crap?!

  1. Cake says:

    Sorry to destroy the mystery, but I’m pretty sure these are ceramic polishing beads for use in a parts tumbler. Chances are you lived near an old factory or engineering works?

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