Flappy Bird and the 1.2 Million £ iPhone.

So. As some of you casual gamers may have already noticed, the game called “Flappy Bird” was removed from the App Store (and presumably Google Play) earlier.


The game was removed by its creator, probably due to being a fairly obvious ripoff of several similar games.

So… the weird shit starts. Ever since the game was removed, iOS and Android devices have been popping up on eBay at ludicrously increased price rates. Honestly, it’s a real thing and it’s even dumber than the Team Fortress hat economy.

As of writing, a few of the tablets and phones mentioned have actually sold – an iPhone 4 for £495, an iPhone 5 for £470… (yes, I’m aware thats even stupider..) oh, and, apparently, a Samsung S4 for £1200, although this one does say its relisted, so theres a good chance the buyer just did it for a joke and cancelled.

Theres still a chance for some of these to sell, so here’s a couple of highlights:

Iphone 5S With Flappy Bird – £1,200,000 (with free postage!)

Battered Iphone 4 With Flappy Birds Yes Flappy Birds, Bundle Apprently – £1,000,000.01 (£4.10 postage)

I think my personal favourite is the top auction – £153,4500, with 143 bids. Good luck getting that money and not getting charged £28k as an end fee..

If you’d like to keep an eye on this idiot-fest, here is a link to auctions with bids, highest first.

Facebook creepiest privacy problem yet – GPS tracking

Right. First off, for those who can’t be arsed to read the whole thing.



http://www.wikihow.com/Save-Battery-Power-on-an-Android (step 8)

Basically, when you’re using the Facebook app itself, and have GPS/Location Settings enabled… well, guess what. Every fucker you talk to can see exactly where you are.

Oh…. and if you’ve ever had it enabled, the information is still tied to those messages. Someone just needs to go back and check and can easily get your address.

It’s more than a little bit creepy.


I’ve removed all personal information and road names from these images.

See that line that says “Sent from …..”? When you click it, you get this.

Half a map.

Click on the map and you’ll get a high detail overhead of the exact (more or less) location where the person you’re talking to is.

Yup, you can pin point exact houses on some.

So… how do you know its definitely turned off?

It just says “Sent from messenger”. Thats the official FB app, but with GPS disabled. Link isn’t clickable.

You might think this isn’t that bad, but.. do you trust everyone on your facebook perfectly? I’m not talking about stalking, I’m meaning, when you’re in Nottingham, you trust they’re not breaking into your house in Leicester…?

Stalking is actually a real concern though. I watched my friend walk down Welford Road to Firebug and sit in the beer garden having a pint, all through Facebook… purely for research.

Apparently this is a McDonalds?

Apparently this is a McDonalds?

The beer garden/smoking area at Firebug.

Being able to remotely follow someone through Facebook, while making you feel sort of like a spy, is actually just really, really fucking creepy. For your safety, and the safety of others, disable GPS and share this post everywhere you can.

Only Facebook could actually see this as a feature, rather than a serious security issue… :/

The mysterious cheque..

In May, an envelope dropped through my front door, addressed to me at my business, containing a cheque for 3000 euros.

I haven’t cashed it, hoping maybe the people who sent it would contact me. They haven’t. Satisfy my curiosity, internet – where the hell and who the hell did this come from?

As for why I haven’t cashed it, I was informed by my bank that that would be very naughty if it didn’t belong to me. I’m still half bloody tempted but I’m sure, if it was ever real, it has expired by now.



(No, I’m not putting my address online – not that it isn’t already public enough.)



Post mark

Post mark

Post marking looks like it *might* say s’Hertogenbosch, stamp is definitely Dutch, and Gebruik ‘m goed seems to translate fairly well into ‘proper use’ or ‘use it well’.

Cheque and Envelope

Cheque and Envelope

Not gonna lie, I sat looking at this for a bit.. I could really do with three thousand euros.



59077 Hamm refers to a district in Hamm, Germany. Most of the cheque is German, and… well, thats pretty much as far as I got.

I live in Leicester, UK. Assuming this is an error in some eCommerce or Payroll software, I was able to identify three companies with bases in s’Hertogenbosch, NL, and Leicester, UK. I’m linking them to this post.

Anyone recognise the cheque or manage to translate any of this any better?

Edition #1 of What the hell is this crap?!

If you want one, let me know – john@jdbcomputing.co.uk – I’ll figure out postage costs.


I found one of these when I was about 5. A single one. I’ve still got it somewhere, because, you know, I was really into archaeology and stuff. Anyway.

A few years back, so.. about fifteen years after the original, I found a bag under my bed after a particularly drunken night. The bag was full of them.

I’ve got about fifty left. Occasionally I leave them in peoples houses to freak them out.

I still have no idea what they are. I want to know.

Time for science. In the following images I burnt one and smashed one, to get a better look at the inside and to prove once and for all that they aren’t incense cones.

They could be any of the following:
- Terribly designed spinning tops
- Terribly designed bottle stoppers
- Terribly designed, small buttplugs.
- Witch houses

The bag:

Size compared with a lighter.

Colour difference is nothing important, I’m pretty sure I was colouring that one red.


Tried to burn one, butane lighter, for about ten seconds. Smelled a bit like urine.


Aftermath. Slightly warm to the touch. Damage is mostly ash.

Smashy. Crowbar to the top caused indent and cracking.

Crowbar to the base did the same.

Few more blows and it was only missing a few chips.

Kind of seems like some sort of massively compressed powder.

Sledgehammered it to save time.

I couldn’t really hit it any more, bits were going everywhere and safety is important.

What the hell are these things?!

Gaming Bar, Leicester – the Speekeasy

Gaming Bar, Leicester – the Speekeasy

The Speekeasy is a retro futuristic cafe-bar in Leicester city designed with gamers in mind.

You will find us hidden away above La Vida restaurant. Inside you can relax in a truly unique art deco influenced environment, sample some of our themed cocktails and enjoy free to play console gaming and wifi access.


On account of my love of drinking mysterious coloured liquids, Bioshock, and gaming in general, I decided to go check out the Speekeasy with some unnamed people who aren’t pictured in case they get cross at me for using their images without permission.

They played what I’d mostly consider 40′s music, which isn’t saying much as I’m not really a music historian or anything.

Also, these are all camera photos. Sue me.

The menus were in a 360 case and pretty awesome.

Some drinks. Think this one is a Plasmid:

Mixed up:

Sadly this plasmid hasn’t manifested any obvious effects in me as of yet, but I did wake up with a staple in my hand, so maybe I’m magnetic.

I think the brown one is a Beautiful Katamari, but I forget.

Bioshock concept art


Xbawks, street fighter.

(Yes, I completely and utterly forgot to get pictures of any decor.)

Lets go again. Drinking and gaming is pretty good. To be honest it reminds me of being at home.

How to order a beer in most languages.

Afrikaans ‘n Bier, asseblief A beer ah-suh-bleef
Basque Garagardo bat, mesedez Gara-gardo bat mese-des
Belarusian <beer> Ad-no pee-vah ka-lee lah-ska
Breton Ur banne bier am bo, mar plij Oor bah-ne beer am boh mar pleezh
Bulgarian <beer> Ed-na beer-ra mol-ya
Catalan Una cervesa, si us plau Oona servayzeh see oos plow
Chinese 请给我一杯啤酒 Ching gay woh ee bay pee joh
Croatian Jedno pivo, molim Yed-no pee-vo, mo-lim
Czech / Slovak Pivo, prosím Pee-vo, pro-seem
Danish Jeg vil gerne have en øl Yay vil geh-neh heh en url
Dutch Een bier, alsjeblieft Un beer, ahls-yer-bleeft
English One beer, please Wun beer, pleez
Esperanto Unu bieron, mi petas Oo-noo bee-airon, mee peh-tahs
Estonian Üks õlu, palun Ooks ur-loo, pah-lun
Finnish Olut mulle, kiitos O-loot moolek kee-tos
French Une bière, s’il vous plaît Oon bee-air, seel voo pleh
German Ein Bier, bitte Ine beer, bitt-uh
Greek <beer> Mee-a beer-a paraka-loh
Hungarian Egy pohár sört kérek Edj pohar shurt kayrek
Icelandic Einn bjór, takk Ay-dn byohr tahk
Irish Beoir amháin, le do thoil Byohr awoyn, lyeh doh hull
Italian Una birra, per favore Oo-na beer-ra, pair fa-vo-re
Japanese ビ一ルを一本下さい Bee-ru ip-pon ku-da-sai
Korean 맥주 한잔 주세요 Mayk-joo hahn-jahn joo-se-yoh
Latin Cervisiam, sodes Ker-wi-see-am, soh-dehs
Latvian Vienu alu, lū-dzu Vyeh-noo ah-loo, loo dzoo
Lithuanian Prašau viena alaus Pra-shau vie-na al-lows
Maltese Wiehed birra, jekk jghogbok Wee-het bir-ra yek yoh-dzbok
Norwegian En øl, takk Ehn url tahk
Occitan Una cervesa, se vos plai Oo-no serbeh-zo se bus ply
Polish Jedno piwo, proszę Yed-no peevo proshe
Portuguese Uma cerveja, por favor Oo-ma ser-vay-ja, poor fa-vohr
Romanian O bere, vă rog Oh beh-reh ver rohg
Romansch Ladina Üna biera, per plaschair.

Oo-nuh bee-air-uh per plah-chair

Russian Пиво, пожалуйста Ahd-na pee-vah pah-zha-loosta
Sardinian Una birra, po piaghere Oo-na beer-ra po pia-gehre
Scots Gaelic Leann, mas e do thoil e Lyawn mahs eh doh hawl eh
Serbian <beer> Yed-no pee-vo, mo-lim
Slovene Eno pivo, prosim Eno pee-vo pro-seem
Spanish (Lat. Am.) Una cerveza, por favor Oo-na ser-veh-sa, por fa-vor
Spanish (Spain) Una cerveza, por favor Oo-na thair-veh-tha, por fa-vor
Strine Foster's, mate Faw-stuhz, mayt
Swedish En öl, tack Ehn irl, tahk
Twi Mame beer baako, mi pawokyew Mah-me bee-ye bah-ko mee pow-che-oo
Turkish Bir bira, lütfen Beer beer-ah luht-fen
Welsh Cwrw os gwelwch in dda Koo-roh ohs gwel-ookh-un-thah
Yiddish אב׳ר, ז״ט אזו׳ כוט A beer, zeit a-zoy goot